Assessing Your Gardening Needs

Personal Home Visits

A home visit to assess your gardening needs can easily be arranged so that JB Landscapes can discuss your ideas and draw up a plan to help with your garden design project.

A good garden plan will provide a perfect setting for your house.

Many houses will have more than one garden, with an area in front and an area towards the rear. The front garden is usually a place for display whereas the rear garden is an area to be used primarily by you and your family. As your family grows up the design and layout of the rear garden may change to meet their ever changing needs - a sandpit, a football pitch, tennis practice, netball practice, table tennis, a barbecue space, a herb garden, a wildlife pond or a water feature etc.

Garden Planning

The first step is to draw up a plan of your existing garden layout so that the new design can be put together.

Once you are happy with the new design we can begin work to transform your garden into something really special - the perfect extension to your home.

For a personal garden design consultation in the comfort of your own home be sure to contact the best - JB Landscapes.